Property Franchise Trends

In today’s economy, the property industry seems to have taken a beating. However, is this true for those businesses that sell property in Britain?   Most people would probably assume they were hurting. However, you really have to research the trends of the industry to know for sure. Here are some of the trends observed over the last few years in the industry:
·        The property market in the UK seems to have stabilized. A lot of young couples today are having trouble finding and getting approved on their loans. Although this is frustrating for them, it is good news for the Letting industry. In May 2008, Rentright UK reports showed that the average rent was up nearly 8.5 percent. Many owners are now going back to renting properties that did not sell. If you aren’t in the Letting industry, now is a good time.·        Nothing is ever as bad as it seems – usually. In the end of 2008, one of the leading property agencies in Britain reported an increase in sales over 2007. And, in January 2008, the Building Societies Association said that they had an increase in mortgage approvals.·        Currently, the exchange rate is favourable – especially with the US dollar. This means that international property sales are higher than they have been in a long time. There was actually a 50 percent increase in UK properties that were sold to US customers last year. ·        Properties overseas are also doing well, especially in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. These areas have also had an increase in the number of income from tourism. Because of this, people are investing in properties there and hoping to rent them to tourists.
A couple of things can be observed from this information. First, things are not always as bad as they appear. So, if you are working in the real estate industry, do not be so quick to rush for another job. Second, if you do not live in the UK, it may be time to move to the UK! Or, at least consider buying a property to let out to tourists or even locals. And, finally, for those of us who live in London. If you can get approved for a mortgage, now is the time to buy. Don’t waste your money on increased rent prices if you do not have to. Start looking today for the perfect property for your needs!